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Vintage Collection

for Prophet 12

The Vintage Collection for the Prophet 12 is presets pack containing 99 custom designed and unique presets for the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 synthesizer.

We think the Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet 12 synthesizer is one of the most versatile synthesizers ever designed. It sonic pallet is extremely wide and the sounddesign possibilities are almost endless. Under the hood the Prophet 12 hides a lot of synthesis possibilities. Subtractive synthesis, FM and Additive synthesis, Wavetable synthesis,Vector synthesis and Physical Modelling are techniques that were used to construct this Vintage Collection presets pack.

The Vintage Collection presets pack is based on classic synthesizers like the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 and Prophet VS, Oberheim OB8, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland D-50, Roland JD-800, Yamaha DX-7, Yamaha VL-1, PPG Wave series and Waldorf Microwave.

Filled with vintage style sounds the Vintage Collection is ready to be played and to be used in your productions. They are all tailor-made to be musical and inspirational and take benefit of the Prophet 12 great features. Lush analog strings, warm brass sounds, amazing PPG-like bells and choirs and much more.

The Vintage Collection contains 99 presets:

  • Bass Sounds
  • Bell Sounds
  • Brass Sounds
  • Keyboard Sounds
  • Lead Sounds
  • Mallet Sounds
  • Pad Sounds
  • Pluck Sounds
  • String Sounds


• Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 (Fully compatible with Desktop Prophet 12 and Sequential Prophet 12 LE - Limited Edition in White)
• Mac/PC computer with USB connection or midi interface
• USB cable or 2 Midi cables
• SysEx software (We recommend for Mac users SysEx Librarian by Snoize or for PC users Midi-OX. Both are free.)

Installation Instructions

Download Manual
  • Prophet 12 - Vintage Collection
  • Prophet 12 - Vintage Collection
  • Prophet 12 - Vintage Collection
  • Prophet 12 - Vintage Collection

Prophet 12 - Vintage Collection